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mampu merawat

-Mati pucuk
-ejakulasi pra-matang
- azoospermia
-tiada nafsu seksual
-kelesuan seksual
-kesakitan pinggang dan lutut
-anggota badan keletihan
- pening dan tinnitus
-peluh spontan dan peluh waktu malam
-pengencingan kerap
-prostatis dan gejala-gejala lain yang menyebabkan kelesuan seksual

Kelebihan maca gold

-memberi tenaga tambahan
-membantu pengaliran darah yang sihat
-melancarkan pengaliran air kencing
-merawat masalah lemah tenaga batin
-membesarkan zakar
-tahan lama ketika berjimak (kerana mempunyai herba maca)
-merawat masalah pancutan pramatang

sebiji tahan 7 hari power

Maca has been an important traditional food and medicinal plant for over 2,000 years. Although Maca is unrelated to the ginseng family, it has been dubbed Ginseng Peru because it is often used as a folk remedy to increase stamina, energy and sexual function

aca is grown root vegetables high in Upper Andes. Peruvian Maca genuine use for several thousand years, as food items, and Perubatan to improve fertility in humans and animal resources, to lust, power and other Perubatan usability.

Capsules MACA Gold combines modern biological extraction technology with traditional animal medicine.The fully surplusage active ingredient biological activity of testosterone, which can quickly polish the human blood, activate metabolism of testosterone in the sex organs, furtherance penis tissue growth and development; At the same time the product contains biologically active substances, which can offer a rich diet penile tissue, and can improve microcirculation, increase the speed of traffic congestion, strengthen the growth of the penis tissues.

MACA gelatin not only can promote the function of the penis to grow rapidly, but also increase the thickness of the penis. Gold Maca capsules made of non-contamination of animals and the essence of pure natural enrichment plant and a long-term, non-toxic, no dependency, no addiction is the Gospel, the maimed sexual function.

Maca is rich in nutrients due to higher unit, nourishing the human body functions physically, people have eaten energetic, enthusiastic spirit will not feel tired; MACA and can promote metabolism, resistance to stress and enhance human sexuality, fertility and milk secretion, and can eliminate menopausal disorders, slow the aging process, increase brain activity

Nutrient MACA and contains high unit can be quickly enhanced features of physical fitness, has now managed to open the door to the international market, ginseng and ginkgo is the most famous in the market nutrition USA two products, "but also because the nutritional value of Maca and the supply of nutrients is MACA instead. Read as a modern health care products and natural medicine is subject to a growing number of international experts and pharmaceutical botany expert attention and study. Especially around Maca root nutrients, alkaloids and glucosinolates starts. For some time, the study of the chemical composition of Maca from Peru mainly local scientists.

Benefits of Maca Gold capsules

Anti-fatigue and recover faster tenagaMeningkatkan spermaKekuatan quality ditambahMeningkatkan impotence and premature ejaculation matangMengurangkan pressure and improve the quality tidurMengawal hormone confrontation menopauseKesuburan AktifMeningkatkan Brain Fitness and improve

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